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Welcome to Spark Product Innovation

What We Do

Spark Product Innovation is a multidiscipline design agency who specialise in electronic engineering and embedded software.

Our capabilities include; high-speed digital electronics, analogue design, power electronics, high- temperature applications, printed circuit board layout, FPGA, DSP and microprocessors. We are also specialists in uP software, embedded firmware, digital filtering and FPGA VHDL coding.

We can also package the electronics and software in custom casings and enclosures to provide a full turnkey product development service and manufacturing and test if required.

Key Markets

The team at Spark Product Innovation has a wealth of experience working in some of industries most demanding market sectors.

We have experience and have delivered projects in oil & gas refineries, subsea, downhole drilling, defence, aviation, Fintech, quantum computing, IoT, data logging, utilities, consumer electronics and sports & recreation.

As well as supporting multinationals and SME’s we are also very active in supporting start-up companies whether that’s proof of concept, board-level development or a full turnkey solution.

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Why Use Spark Product Innovation

At Spark, we have a readymade engineering team that is cost-effective versus building your own team of employees, managing contractor resource and having to kit out an expensive laboratory. We also work with established design teams that need short term help to manage design cycle peaks or need specialised technical assistance.

Spark Product Innovation offers flexible commercial packages including fixed-price contracts for projects with mature requirements and consultancy arrangements for when the requirements are still being developed.

We also have extensive facilities to assist in the design, prototype, test and manufacture of our products including our office, dedicated ESD protected laboratory, thermal test chamber and extensive 19” rack and bench electronic test equipment.

We are a friendly and experienced team who don’t charge for an initial consultation. So feel free to email, phone or pop into our office for a coffee to discuss your project needs.

Located at the world class Bristol & Bath Science Park, we work together with corporations, small businesses and entrepreneurs to realise their technology product design ideas from prototyping through to production.

Customer Focused

Strong Manufacturing Network

Our customer focus means you can be assured that we will guide you through the design process, ensuring that
your requirements and final product aspirations are met.

Spark Product Innovation has in-house capabilities for prototyping, testing, and low volume manufacturing. For
larger quantities, we have strong links with both UK and Far East partners and can negotiate, facilitate and
ensure the quality of the manufacture of your final product to allow you to take advantage of the cost-saving

Meet the team

Over 100 years combined experience.

Recent Posts

Avionics Power Distribution Management System

Provide a custom power distribution management system for an avionics application where an off the shelf solutions didn’t meet the Size, Weight and Power and Performance (SWaP) requirements

Spark Product Innovation created a multi module solution to enable the packaged electronics to fit into the space envelope allowed by the application, custom wiring harness were also designed and manufactured to connect the various electronics modules.

High-Speed FPGA and Firmware

Provide a custom high speed FPGA pattern generator with multiple I/O lines for use in a cutting edge quantum computing application

Spark Product Innovation created a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly with ultra-high-speed differential tracking and carefully designed termination networks, we also created the necessary FPGA firmware to deliver our customer a turnkey solution

Power Over Ethernet (PoE)

Would you like to know more about PoE, then click on the link below to read our blog about what PoE is, the benefits and applications, history and how Spark Product Innovation can help.

An Introduction to Power Over Ethernet (PoE)