Firmware Solutions

At Spark Product Innovation, our team are skilled at the art of integration of embedded firmware with electronic hardware. We can produce firmware for small embedded micro processors and CPLD’s, through single and multiple DSP architectures to large FPGA devices and even parallel GPU’s.

Firmware is integral to many modern designs especially where the interconnection of devices is concerned, the control of complex operations, the monitoring of integrity and the manipulation of data in engineered products and systems.

Spark Product Innovation have the skills you need to analyse your product design and design processor solutions with modular and tested firmware to meet the products objectives.

Micro Processors

Some of the processor families that our team has worked with include:

• Microchip,
• ARM,
• Actel,
• Xilinx CPLD’s,
• Microblaze,
• PowerPC,
• Texas Instruments C6000 series including the top end C6678,
• STM32 Microprocessors
• Espressif ESP32 Microprocessors
• TMS320 & C2000 Series Motor-Controllers
• Analog Devices SHARC,
• Xilinx Spartan Series FPGA, Vertex Series FPGA and Kintex UltraScale FPGA’s,
• NVIDIA Tesla & Jetson TX2 GPUs


Integration with Electronic Designs

The Spark Product Innovation team has worked on many designs that interface micro-processors with a huge variety of integrated circuit electronic peripherals such as ADC’s, DAC’s, GPIO, Sensors, PHY’s, DDS, GPS to name a few. We have an extensive library of drivers for many commonly used manufacturers and can readily write bespoke drivers for your designs.


Bootloaders and Image Management

Spark Product Innovation can design and develop your product boot up routines. We have an extensive library of drivers for commonly used flash devices for non volatile storage of the your products firmware image. If your product needs to be ”upgradable” by field engineers or by your customers we can offer designs for reliable firmware image management in your product including multiple image banks and seamless upgrade processes.