Automatic Test Equipment

Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) Design


At Spark Product Innovation our engineers can design and build customised ATE (Automated Test Equipment) for production line (EOL End of Line) or manual & semi-automatic custom functional test rigs including:-

• Dynamic Input (supply) voltage generation.
• Dynamic load simulators. (AC & DC loads).
• Low and high frequency test signal generation.
• Industry standard communications protocol simulation
• RS-485, RS-232, Profibus, CAN bus, I2C, GPIB, Ethernet and custom protocols.
• Sensor & actuator simulators
• HIL (Hardware In Loop) test and simulation
• Elevated temperature testing.

Our engineers are experienced in designing automated test rigs using either customised control software or using industry standard control and automation software. Spark Product Innovation can design and build Automatic Test Equipment to enable you to :-

• Reduced test time
• Accelerate Productivity
• Reduce product failure rate
• Improve quality screening