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Our engineers can work with you to turn your electronic design concept from an idea to a working prototype, and ultimately to a production-ready product.

At Spark Product Innovation we can reduce your project risk with prototyping services which include; proof of concept testing with commercial development kits, breadboarding, analogue and digital computer simulation, 3D printing, quick turnaround low volume manufacturing, and extensive bench testing.


At Spark Product Innovation we have a dedicated ESD protected laboratory with a extensive range of bench and 19” rack mounted test equipment as well as a motor and inverter test bench to ensure your design is fully evaluated before being delivered to you or your clients.

We also work with partner test houses to manage any compliance testing that is required for your product such as electrical safety (LVD) and radio equipment (RED). This archives the necessary certifications for your products to be labelled with a CE mark for the EU market or FCC for American distribution.

In addition we have an onsite environmental test chamber that can be used for high temperature qualification testing and environmental stress screening for high reliability applications.


Through our network of subcontractors, we can deliver fully populated Single, Double-sided or multilayer boards including surface mount and through-hole components.
Our engineers can advise on the optimum PCB material, copper thickness, layer-stack, surface finish, & solder type for your specific application. We have extensive experience of PCB materials used in various applications such as:

• CEM1-5 boards for low cost, high volume consumer products.
• FR4 for commercial & industrial applications.
• FR5 or RO4000 for high-temperature applications up to 200°C.
• Polyamide for high-temperature extreme temperature applications up to 250°C.
• ISM (Insulated Metal Substrate) & Alumina for high power applications.

Through our network of subcontractors, we can also produce ultra high-reliability designs for extreme environments (High temperature, shock, vibration, pressure a& humidity) utilising custom semiconductor packaging techniques such as:

• DBC (Direct Bonded Copper).
• Custom die attach methods.
• Custom lead-frames and Bond wire contacts.
• Hermetic MCM (Multi-Chip Module) and hybrid.

Mechanical & Assembly

Spark Product Innovation can provide a full turnkey offering including packaging the electronics commercial housings (box build) or we can also design detailed custom cases and enclosures from a wide variety of materials.

In addition we can also provide customised wiring harnesses, electrical panels, heatsinks, and build and test the entire assembly in-house for low volume applications. For larger quantities, we have strong links with both UK and Far East partners and can negotiate, facilitate and ensure the quality of the manufacture of your final product.

Spark Product Innovation also designs and fabricates complex electro-mechanical assemblies including:

• Custom motor rotor & stator laminations.
• Custom Solenoids & actuators.
• Custom liquid or air-cooled heatsinks.
• Custom electrical cabinet and enclosure design (custom or standard 19” rack mount).
• Custom control & instrumentation panels, including panel machining and engraving.

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