Power electronics

Custom Power Converter Design

We can assist customers in determining the right power supply topology to fulfill your requirements. We can produce custom isolated and non-isolated DC-DC, AC-DC power supplies ranging 3V to 15kV & 1A to 10kA solutions including

• Plug-Top adapters
• CC/CV battery charging for Li-Ion, NiMH & LiPo battery packs
• Software configurable start-up/shut-down sequencing
• Power sharing and fault detection and protection profiles
• Supply redundancy & contingency strategies for safety critical systems
• UPS and back-up power solutions

Custom Power Electronics Solutions

Our engineers have many years experience in designing and building specialised power electronic assemblies for operation in harsh environments including defence, Oil & Gas Downhole drilling, Sub Sea Oil & Gas production control, Aerospace, Medical, and numerous commercial & industrial applications ranging from 3V to 15kV

Our engineers are specialists in semiconductor device control and packaging of MOSFET, IGBT, SCR/Thyristor & the latest Silicon Carbide MOSFET & GaN technologies. We can offer design and assembly of a variety of custom power electronics solutions including:

• Solar array monitoring balancing & shade compensation units
• Custom Solid-State AC & DC Relay, design (MOS Junction & hybrid MOS/Electromechanical acontactors)
• Custom Solid state Fuse/Circuit breakers including custom programmable I2t curve acharacteristics
• High-Power Active-ORing modules, power sharing & power sequencing
• Custom heatsink design thermal management & thermal simulation

Custom Magnetics Design

• Custom ferrite power inductor design and assembly
• Custom ferrite power transformer design and assembly (fly-back, forward, current sense, aresonant)
• Custom “Integrated Inductor-Transformer” design (typically used in LLC power supply adesign)
• Custom core grinding/shaping and custom bobbin design and prototyping using the latest 3D printing atechnologies

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