Case Studies

Avionics Power Distribution Management System

Provide a custom power distribution management system for an avionics application where an off the shelf solutions didn’t meet the Size, Weight and Power and Performance (SWaP) requirements

Spark Product Innovation created a multi module solution to enable the packaged electronics to fit into the space envelope allowed by the application, custom wiring harness were also designed and manufactured to connect the various electronics modules.

High Speed FPGA and Firmware

Provide a custom high speed FPGA pattern generator with multiple I/O lines for use in a cutting edge quantum computing application

Spark Product Innovation created a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly with ultra-high speed differential tracking and carefully designed termination networks, we also created the necessary FPGA firmware to deliver our customer a turnkey solution

E-Motor Test Rig / Dynamometer

Create a customised high torque electric motor test rig for a light weight composite 3 phase BrushLessDC (BLDC) motor.

Spark Product Innovation created a 3KW 25Nm motor test rig with a configurable magnetic brake, high accuracy torque / speed sensor, motor controller, input power measurements, AC\\DC power supply, configurable mounting brackets and an aluminium\polycarbonate safety cage.

Spark Product Innovation – Company Introduction

Our multi discipline team can provide you with the skills needed to make your product idea a reality.

Spark Product Innovation excels in high speed digital electronics, analogue design, and power electronics. We are also specialists in software, digital filtering and FPGA coding. The electronics and software can be packaged in custom casings and enclosures to provide a full turnkey service (Electronics, Software and Mechanical Engineering.

The company was founded in January 2017 with a vision to offer our customers an electronics and software design consultancy with proven industry experience in some industries most challenging applications.

The team at Spark Product Innovation have a passion for engineering and product development. Being part of a consultancy allows the team to concentrate on electronics and software using this specialisation to quickly and skilfully solve complex engineering challenges across multiple market sectors.

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