About Spark Product Innovation

About Us

Spark Product Innovations multi-discipline team can provide you with the skills you need to make your product idea a reality

Our Engineers excel in high-speed digital electronics, analogue design, power electronics, FPGA, DSP and microprocessors. We are also specialists in uPsoftware, embedded firmware, digital filtering and FPGA VHDL coding. The electronics and software can also be packaged in custom casings and enclosures to provide a full turnkey service (Electronics, Software and Mechanical Engineering)

The team has worked in a broad range of high-reliability industrial sectors and brings those years of experience and expertise to enable your designs.


Meet The team


Alan is a joint founder of Spark Product Innovation. Prior to establishing Spark Product Innovation he was a principal design consultant at forefront fibre optics sensing startup OptaSense. Alan has over 18 years of management and electronics design experience having held senior positions at Motorola, Dyson and Airspan Networks. While at Motorola and Airspan he spearheaded techniques to bring 2G, 3G and 4G mobile telecom networks from concept through to production. He also subsequently helped design the award-winning Dyson Airblade hand dryer and 360 eye robotic vacuum. Alan specialises in High speed digital design focusing on advanced signal integrity techniques and high reliability with a right first time mentality. Alan graduated from Queen Mary & Westfield College (University of London) with a MEng in Communication Engineering.



Dominic is a joint founder of Spark Product Innovation. Prior to establishing Spark Product Innovation, he was the sole firmware engineer at the market leading fibre optics sensing startup OptaSense. Dominic has over 20 years of embedded firmware and digital signal processing algorithm design experience on many different processor, FPGA, and OS platforms. He was the principal engineer for a novel FMCW radar system, and has worked in the Mining, Oil & Gas and Telecom sectors. His name is cited as inventor on two international patents and he has authored many other peer reviewed publications. Dominic graduated with his PhD in Geophysics in 1996 from Leeds University.



Stephen is a joint founder of Spark Product Innovation. Prior to establishing Spark Product Innovation Stephen has held Senior & Principal engineering roles in many industry leading multinational companies. Stephen has over 19 years design experience in numerous industry sectors ranging from mass-production consumer products to high-reliability devices & systems for Defense, Oil & Gas Drilling, Subsea Production Control, Avionics, Power conversion, Power generation, Medical and Telecoms. Stephen specialises in custom electronics circuit & PCB design for high power applications including power converters, invertors, motor drives, custom electronic loads and solid state power control & protection systems. Stephen’s research interests include advanced power-semiconductor technologies and circuit assembly & packaging for operating in harsh environments (high temperature, shock & vibration). Stephen is also cited as inventor in many international patents.



Tony is an Electronics Hardware Engineer who started his career at Dyson and has since held senior and lead engineering positions in consumer electronics companies such as Cambridge Audio and ProVision Communications, a technology start-up who pioneered the technology behind wireless streaming of HD video. More recently Tony has worked in electronics design consultancy roles, specialising in low power embedded electronics design. He thrives on providing a high level of service to third party clients, ensuring their needs are clearly understood and that the product delivered is an exceptional match to their expectations. He has worked on product designs catering for a range of industries such as smart-metering, IoT, industrial logging, commercial alarms, educational products and oil and gas. This combined with his experience in consumer electronics means he can design products with challenging specifications that perform well in extreme environments whilst still meeting aggressive cost targets where necessary.Tony graduated from the University of Birmingham with a MEng in Computer and Communications Systems Engineering.



Martin Stokes joined Spark Product Innovation in 2018 and has 17 years experience in senior roles in both an electronic design capability and as a systems engineer responsible for complex multidiscipline programs. Martins experience covers several industry sectors including oil and gas, defence, aviation, power distribution, robotics and consumer. Within these industries, Martin has gained a skill set for safety integrity level (SIL) designs, motor control, automatic test equipment, systems engineering, requirements management, low-cost consumer electronics, high-temperature applications, and high-reliability electronic design. Martin graduated from the University of the West of England with a BEng (1st) in Electronics and Electrical Engineering and is cited as the inventor on numerous electronic and oil and gas patents.