Embedded Software Services

Spark Product Innovation is an embedded software company that develops software of any complexity and size for your product using proven and flexible processes. Our experience covers, embedded software, FPGA firmware development, Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Graphical Processing Units (GPUs), microcontrollers, microprocessors.

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Software is playing an increasingly more important role in enabling modern products and their interaction and connection to the wider world.


Embedded Software Services

Does your product require a slick customer-facing graphical user interface that works seamlessly across multiple platforms?

Perhaps your product simply requires an embedded processor for simple control and monitoring duties tightly integrated to the electronic design?

Alternatively, your product may need a much more complex solution with multiple processors or devices such as FPGA’s or GPU for high-speed communication and digital signal processing?

The Spark Product Innovation team has you covered and can provide modular and tested software designs.

We have developed embedded firmware and have experience of a wide variety of product applications. For example:

•  BLDC motor control

•  Low power Bluetooth communications

•  Battery management systems

•  Power supply control

•  Multi-sensor fusion feedback control systems (PID)

•  Non-destructive testing sensors

• High-speed timing and measurement

•  Interfacing to cameras

•  Consumer product interfaces

•  Industrial-scale process control

•  RFID readers

•  Machine to Machine (M2M) Communication systems

•  LIDAR and RADAR applications


Software Maintenance

Spark Product Innovation provides a source control & maintenance service for your ongoing software designs. Use us to react to your customer’s needs for implementing new features as and when they arise.